About Finer Edge

Finer Edge Painting & Improvements has been serving Toronto and the GTA since 1987

After nearly 25 years, Finer Edge Painting & Improvements owners Bill Yoannou and Gord Shibuya and their team have a lot to be grateful for. “We’ve built our company on word of mouth. The communities in which we tend to work are extremely close. What happens is one neighbour will talk to another about us, then that person will talk to someone else, and so on.”

The key to success, as Gord maintains, is simply focusing on the customer. “If you finish a job with 100% customer satisfaction everything else takes care of itself. Including more business”.

In fact, with very little advertising Finer Edge has managed to serve thousands of residents throughout the GTA.

Finer Edge is locally owned and operated, so Bill and Gord are very involved with their customers. But when it comes to the day-to-day management, the two give a lot of credit to the company’s Production Team of five. “Shane, Vince, Lui, Derek and Colin are amazing,” says Gord. “When you’re talking about quality control, getting to know a customer’s unique needs and just keeping a job running smoothly, these guys are simply the best.”

“No doubt good work speaks for itself. There’s no way we could have survived, much less prospered, if the work was sub-par,” adds Bill. And prospered they have, if lawn signs are any indication. Over the years, Bill and Gord estimate that they’ve
served about 10,000 homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto area.